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Sara Duterte: Davao execs involved in irregularities to face raps

DAVAO CITY—Mayor Sara Duterte has ordered the immediate filing of charges against city government employees and officials found to be involved in irregularities or failing to do their jobs. On Thursday, the mayor also warned city health workers here to exert effort to reduce the number of dengue cases and deaths in the city by December this year. She said if they fail, they better find another job. Acting city administrator Dwight Domingo said Duterte had told him to file administrative or judicial charges “against any official or employee of the city who may have committed an offense in the performance of his officials duties, and functions.” He said the order was made after the mayor signed Executive Order No. 3, which delegated to him some of her functions and duties. Domingo said the mayor wanted all employees and officials under the executive department doing their jobs. She also wanted all department heads to take the lead in making sure that the people of Davao City would experience meaningful and sustainable change and development under her administration. “You are empowered to do whatever you want to improve productivity and you are accountable for your team’s output,” he quoted her as saying. Last week, the mayor also ordered her chiefs of departments and offices to ensure the effective implementation of her 10-point agenda. She said the proposed 2017 budget from all departments should be anchored on her 10 priorities, which included infrastructure development, solid waste management, health, poverty alleviation, peace and order and disaster risk reduction and mitigation, among others. “My vision is simple. I want our constituents to have gainful employment, decent housing, educated and healthy children, able to eat three meals a day, and to be safe and secured in their daily activities,” she said.

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