Salvaging a potential armed conflict is not treason

Dear Raissa Robles,

First, let me tell you bluntly tell you that President Duterte owes nobody any explanation because he was never sent by the government of past administrations to deal with the territorial dispute with China. That has been the task of the DFA and by some abomination of nature, Trillanes doing some back channelling. As Mayor of Davao City, he has to talk to Chinese Consular officials.

Now, you are accusing my President if treason by suggesting joint exploration. Treason, my dear is allowing the Chinese to build structures in our islands using soil from the quarry of mining land owned by someone who is aligned by the one you supported. Treason is sending a Senator who has no experience in international diplomacy and negotiation to have “secret” talks with China and thereafter, the latter was able to build structures unheeded and unhampered on an island usually patrolled by our Navy. That is treason.

Trying to salvage a situation that may lead to an armed conflict we are bound to lose is not treason. Proposing to share the resources does not give up the territory but in fact is a gesture of peace which I am sure China will not agree because by allowing it, they have effectively shown that indeed we own these islands because why share when they have possession de facto. On the other hand, if they refuse to share, they become the villain and we gain the sympathy of the international community.

So before you accuse my President of being a push-over or a paid hack by China, just assure me that you will be in the first line of defense when we antagonize China and they deicide to fire back.