May sparks daw: Tulfo claims Rody blushed, eyes twinkled when he talked to Leni – Politiko

May sparks daw: Tulfo claims Rody blushed, eyes twinkled when he talked to Leni – Politiko

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Come to think of it, President Rodrigo Duterte seemingly warmed up to Vice President Leni Robredo overnight after hardly acknowledging her existence after the elections.

Two meetings and a phone call were all it took to the change Duterte’s cold treatment toward Robredo, and at least one veteran journo thinks that there were sparks coming from the chief executive’s side.

Mon Tulfo, in his Inquirer column Saturday (July 9), claimed that he saw something peculiar during 52-year-old’s courtesy call to President Duterte on July 4.

“While he was talking to Vice President Leni, the President seemed to be meaningfully glancing at
one of the reporters who was once rumored to be his girlfriend,” Tulfo wrote, somewhat underpinning Duterte’s “chick boy” reputation.

It gets better though, as the broadcaster added: “At the same time, while he was talking to the beautiful widow (Robredo) the President’s eyes were twinkling.”

“Although the camera didn’t show it, he could have been blushing…He was a picture of a teenage boy talking to his crush,” Tulfo said, before throwing in the punchline, “Uh-oh, romance in the Palace!”

The country’s top two officials are practically single; Robredo’s husband, former Interior secretary Jesse Robredo, died in plane crash in August 2012. As for the 71-year-old Duterte, his marriage with Elizabeth Zimmerman has been annulled since 2000.

“Digong” does have a partner though in Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña, whom Tulfo addressed in his column by saying “joke only”.

What’s no joke though is the evidently blooming Robredo, whom Duterte politely asked to be his housing czar days after the courtesy call.

Duterte boasted of having multiple girlfriends in the past during the campaign period.