I serve everyone, and not only one!

To some people whose habitual moves is only to criticize our present administration must try to broaden their way of thinking. instead criticizing, the least they can do is to appreciate & support our present gov’t’s relentless effort to eliminate or suppress criminality, corruption & rampant illegal drugs. we must understand that our President’s noble goal is to attain real freedom for our country-a country free from evildoers, traitors & betrayers for our safety. security & eventual prosperity. the late US Pres. JFK once said, “ask not what your country can do for u, but ask what u can do for your country…

Today as I pray to Our GOD Almighty ..
Let not your heart be troubled,
You believe in GOD , believe also in Me.
In My Father’s house are many mansions ,if it not so..
I would have told You,I go to prepare a place for You.
And if I go and prepare for You
I will come again and receive You to Myself
That where I am,there You may be also.

GOD Almighty,
Let Me offer You Myself and Dignity
To Just Protect My Father in Image
The Father of All Filipino people
A man that is Also My/Our Protector
to All of the Little Children to My Country Philippines
for He President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Our only HOPE is
Now the Father and the new Leader of Our Nation
Together , We offer Unity and Peace
to all of the People all over the world
For the brighten Future
Protect The President Duterte and His Administration
We believeYou, all Your Goodness coz I have Faith
We ask for Your Love and Guidance
As We Trust DadiDU to You Lord
Hear Me…heal Me… specially My Country


*This post prayer for DU30 el Presidente is also credited to
Rody Tutor Romero Vril Ion Nenen Batacandolo Fantilanan